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I hate to say it, but it’ll be utterly pointless electing a load of brilliant (and I know lots of them, and they are brilliant) anti-Brexit Labour MEPs if they’re only there for 5 months because Labour UK ageed with the Govt for Brexit to happen.

Wouldn’t it rather handily take the troublesome naysayers out of the game as well? After October, the influential and popular pro-EU, anti-Brexit MEPs would no longer be elected Labour representatives, would no longer have a rep on the NEC, and won’t need to be consulted.

I know @ottocrat disagrees, but I think it’s extremely unlikely that the rest of the (non S&D) EP would under those circumstances include departing UK MEPs in the Spitzenkandidat calculations.

Why would they? The new COM president would take office the day after they left.

So a fudge on the manifesto today (a ref on a “Tory Brexit”, not one Labour has agreed to), and an agreement with the Govt on Brexit ( in return for a handful of promises that will never be kept) would be the perfect win for the Lexiters.

MEPs’ and prominent Brexit campaigners’ credibility undermined now by having to campaign on and explain a fudge manifesto they obviously don’t believe in, then taken right out of the internal party game at the end of October.

But still, of course, picking up votes for the party from Labour Remainers who (very justifiably) believe in them personally.

Undermine Remain and get Brexit while still picking up Remain votes and neutralising a dissenting caucus in a few months.

The perfect Lexit play.

If people go along with it, of course.


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