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If marketing isn't bringing actual customers and revenue, it's not being done right. Marketers just chasing KPIs (illusory growth, as Roger points out) are not doing their job. You have to measure to conversion now. It's not that difficult. 5 min in Google Analytics. Easy.

What's amazing still is gap in measurement sophistication. Like, a lot of tech companies can't be bothered to source proper talent (even big tech - you'd be surprised how little some of the VPs/CMOs know). Meanwhile other sectors like Vegas resorts have *redic* smart leadership.

Me & friend were in Vegas playing cards, randomly made connection w/VP at a casino who was sitting with us. Found out we were from Goog & he gave us tour of their BI dept. They're insane at using data. Knew price elasticity of rooms/time of yr to floor casino games @ hour of day.

Actually useful dashboards for everything and the whole team knew how to use them (they trained their marketers even the ones who were new and maybe not so good at analyst work - imagine that). Anyway, said casino continues to perform great. The data culture there is so cool.

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