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States enacted as many new abortion restrictions in the past 5 years as previous 15 (at grand rounds given by @doctorjenn)

In 2019, 21 states are hostile or very hostile to abortion rights. #abortiongrandrounds

Trigger bans are increasing, laws that would make abortion illegal in a state if Roe is overturned #abortiongrandrounds

The NY law that was just passed is about protecting abortion if Roe is overturned, California has a similar law. Forced birthers were able to twist that to mean infanticide #abortiongrandrounds

8 states have laws preventing sex selective abortions.
Read what I think about that here: 


24 states have TRAP laws which govern things like corridor width or room size or admitting privileges. Dentists can do procedures and have no admitting privileges. It is about preventing abortion not patient safety #abortiongrandrounds

Abortions in California are decreasing. This is because of increased contraception. So affordable care act + no restrictive laws.
43% of CA counties have no abortion clinics but only 5% of women live in those counties
Versus 89% and 38% for rest of country #abortiongrandrounds

We have the same law as the new law in New York but no one is crying about “infanticide” in California
We have mid level provers in CA who do abortions safely and parental consent is not required. We have data to show this is safe.

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