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Per Mueller's report, Russia gained "access to the NETWORK of at least one Florida county...” 

As confirmed by Jeremy Bash 7:43, this broad statement suggests the POTENTIAL that VOTE TALLIES WERE ALTERED!

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"I think we all have been worried about the hacking of voting machines. But what this story suggests is the potential for hacking the [Florida] VOTE TABULATION SYSTEMS, where the votes are tallied & how the results are displayed. " - Jeremy Bash, 7:43  2/

3/ Indeed, as I've emphasized again and again, all electronic vote tallies can be hacked, even if the voting machines themselves aren't connected to the internet, because all voting machines & scanners are programmed b4 each election on centralized election management systems...

... that can and apparently often do connect to the internet. The election management systems also include the CENTRAL TABULATORS (to which Jeremy Bash referred), which aggregate all precinct tallies. 4/

The central tabulators send those precinct tallies to the online reporting system (to which Bash also referred) via USB sticks or memory cards. 5/

In some jurisdictions, the same USB stick or memory card goes back and forth between the central tabulator and the online reporting system. As @MarilynRMarks1 once observed, it's like sharing needles. 6/

I explain all about the election management system, central tabulators, and online reporting systems in my piece for @NYRDaily.  7/

Thus, when officials and vendors emphasize that "voting machines" aren't connected to the internet, they are deliberately misleading the public because the computers used to program those machines & to tabulate and display vote totals ARE often so connected! 8/

Here's another sourced piece of mine where I emphasize this vulnerability. 9/ 

WHY DID @FBI WITHHOLD THIS CRUCIAL INFORMATION FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC? Would Mueller have told us even this much but for Senator Nelson already hinting strongly this had occurred? What else have we NOT been told? The American public deserves to know. 10/

11/ The House must subpoena @FBI right now to tell the American public what it knows? And you know what else irks me. @SenFeinstein, @MarcoRubio, @MarkWarner, and every other member of the Senate Intelligence Committee has had this information all along and told us NOTHING.

12/ The only one with an ounce of courage to warn the American public was #RealityWinner, & the Trump administration locked her up for 5 years to scare anyone else who might have potentially leaked additional information. This is unacceptable. #FreeRealityWinnerNow

13/ I suspect there is more we have not been told. This article certainly suggests that. We deserve to know. @SpeakerPelosi @RepCummings @RepMaxineWaters

14/ Meanwhile, jurisdictions throughout the US are buying new voting equipment that can change paper ballots AFTER they are cast, making it impossible to confirm election outcomes via manual audits of thE paper ballots. 

15/ The two most popular such systems Dominion ICE and ES&S ExpressVote XL. Tell your state & county election officials and Members of Congress to #ICEtheICE.

16/ Tell them also to #ExpelTheXL. (Stay tune for the meme.)

17/ Tell them we need #HandMarkedPaperBallots in 2020 as a primary voting system (counted manually in public or on scanners with robust post-election manual audits and a secure chain of custody for the paper ballots). Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes

18/ P.S. The Dominion ICE and ES&S ExpressVote XL are also both #BarcodeVotingSystems. Tell them NO to barcodes on ballots as well!

19/ And tell them that jurisdictions have to be forced to remove the cellular modems that voting machine vendor ES&S (and most likely Dominion) installed in ballot scanners starting in 2015...

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