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WASHINGTON POST: "Mueller felt the media coverage of the [Barr] letter was misinterpreting the investigation."

Jesus. I wrote a 451-tweet thread trying to get that message across—because I couldn't think of any other way to sound the alarm—and now Mueller confirms my diagnosis.

1/ One of the many errors I said media was making was that it was treating the SCO investigation as just a criminal investigation rather than also a counterintelligence investigation. Secondly, I noted that Mueller had farmed out a good deal of his work and it *remained ongoing*.

2/ I also said on HBO that Mueller was trying to pass a body of evidence to Congress to further investigate, a viewpoint even a craven Trumpist like Rosenstein seemed to confirm when he conceded several days ago that DOJ is *not* the final finder of fact, implying *Congress* is.

3/ I said on Twitter, further, that the excessive media focus on the second volume of the Report was obscuring the even more damning and harrowing revelations that came in the *first* volume of the Report, all of which would require massive additional Congressional investigation.

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