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The only answer is a nationwide gun ban and the main obstacle is the perception that something entirely possible is impossible.

We don’t need to amend the Constitution. We just have to start reading the first clause again.

As much as gun hoarders secretly wish for the day, we don’t have to go house to house confiscating.

Just ban them. Starve the industry.

No new sales.
No new guns flooding the market.
Gun reclamation drives with amnesty.

Let the hoarders hoard. Bury them. Whatever.

Don’t go after private ownership.

Shut down the industry.

It’s the industry that has made mass shootings a growth product.

Shut them down.

Let it go from there.

Bootleg guns? Homemade guns? Probably. Fine.

Bootleg AR-15s that a random Infowars-radicalized suburban kid can easily acquire? Not so much.

Ban ammo. Ban guns. Make their production and import illegal.

Starve the industry.


You don't even have to invoke the militia, do you?

The right to keep and bear arms doesn't include the right to BUY arms.

Make all transactions of guns and ammo illegal. Same with the manufacture.

Aggressive buy-back program.

Let's try that.

What's interesting is I think what we have in place right now represents an extremist position on guns, and that a full ban on the sale and manufacturer is actually quite sensible, and wouldn't go after hunters, who I presume have guns already.

I think it would be worthwhile for us to examine what we consider an "extremist" position, and why, and whose framing we're accepting.

When you're flying, pulling as hard as you can on the stick is an extremist position.

Unless you're flying directly at the ground.

I would be very interested in seeing what would happen to our social and political culture around guns if we didn't have a $51b industry aggressively marketing their products and lobbying our representatives.

We should try that.

If we want to solve our epidemic gun violence problem, we're going to have to acknowledge it's a problem and then we're really going to have to be willing to try to solve it.

That's going to be hard while guns are a massive industry that wants to sell more of them every year.

And by the way, we've been trying for a very long time to get "non extremist" legislation passed, by starting with those half measures as the goal. We get nothing passed.

That's not how you negotiate.

Bolder. Bigger. Start with the full ban. See what they bring to the table.

We really need to end this practice of starting from a surrendered position.

And we really need to stop making our opponent's case for them, asking for slight improvements.

Stand for what you believe. Fight for what you want. Dare to believe in something better.

And expect your leaders to do the same, by the way.

Call them every day if they won't.

Replace them if they don't listen.

This is our country and our government and goddammit let's act like it.


If your house is flooding from burst pipes, you don't just say 'oh well.'

You turn off the water.

It's the source.

The gun industry is the source.

Ban the sale and manufacture of guns. Then start figuring out how to deal with the damage.

It's just insanity to me that what I'm saying is "extremist" when the status quo is "we need all parishioners in all churches and all school teachers and oh also everybody else armed to fight in a war-zone situation at all times."

Which is what we have


I can see why a growth industry that sells guns would want us all living like that, but I can't for the life of me understand why we'd accept that industry for even a second.

If this is really what millions of people in this country are like, IT REALLY SEEMS LIKE WE SHOULD STOP PUMPING GUNS INTO THAT ECOSYSTEM


Sorry for all the caps but geez.

My solution for high crime areas is to shut down the industry that gains billions in annual revenue pumping new guns into the national ecosystem, which sure enough supplies high-crime areas.

This isn’t hard to grasp.

Final thought: if guns actually kept us safe from guns, wouldn’t guns have done that by now?

Shouldn’t we have the *least* gun deaths?

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