Leandro @Leandro8209 Working on creating simplicity through technology | Co-founder @UnuboHQ May. 01, 2019 1 min read

Just playing around with  https://talkshow.team . It's quite amazing, and has the potential to grow into something huge.

@yongfook you've done an amazing job. I like where this is heading.

I have some ideas 👇🏾

Are there plans to integrate with other apps? Integrating with Slack would allow for notifications to be sent into a chosen Slack channel. You could then go to TS to reply, or perhaps even reply from within Slack.


The ability to attach links to a post would be amazing. You could say in a particular post: "I’ve been working on some new copy for our landing page, click the link to check it out, and let me know what you think"

Integration to Google Drive would enhance this further.


Sharing videos to social would be cool. For example there could be a post inviting the public to discuss new features. You could take a sharable link for one of the videos, and share it on Twitter, inviting people into the discussion within Talkshow.


Brandable pages, where chosen posts are shown to the public, that they can respond to.

If you included the ability to add links to a post, Talkshow would be amazing for employee onboarding - you could feature a series of posts for people to complete, with accompanying links to files.

Ok, that's it 😁

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