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my God.
you will NEVER know how much i enjoy being over prepared for a meeting.

you will NEVER know.

me, in this meeting right now, answering the FUCK out of questions left and right:

now i'm eating trail mix and sipping tea from a ridiculously large mug as i answer questions and say "no" to things.

co-w: well, we can do it like this if it makes it easier for you.
me: so, i don't know if "easier for [me]" is the frame. this billing doesn't make sense.
co-w: do you think it doesn't b/c you're thinking like a lawyer?
me: no. i think it doesn't b/c i can add.

co-w: we don't bill per hour. we have set fees built in.
me: right.
co-w: but if we haven't met the terms of the deliverable, we can't bill for the whole deliverable.
me: right. but you've just applied a value to the work that we performed here.
co-w: yes.

me: and you want me to communicate with __ to make sure she bills the client this specific value.
co-w: yes.
me: and that value is not the fee certain for the deliverable b/c we didn't perform the whole of the deliverable.
co-w: right.

me: thennnnnnnnnnnn where did the value come from? b/c where from where i'm sitting, one of two things are possible. we are either billing hourly--and you've already assured me that that is IMpossible-- OR....youuuuuuuuuu just made up this number.
co-w: .....

me: i'm definitely confused. but it's not b/c i'm a lawyer.

the thing of it is...
this ain't my first rodeo, chief.

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