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Things are happening. Yesterday was MOVING DAY. Q drove to the lodge (drove! on the Denali Highway! winter is truly over) and we loaded up all our stuff and dogs to hit the road and start driving south.

Recognize those dog houses on top of the truck? They were painted during the Ugly Dogs work party in Wasilla! Mostly by @Kristieinaction, I believe. We’re leaving them at the lodge for future mushers.

I hadn’t seen Flame in two weeks, which was very difficult, so naturally she sat on my feet as much as possible during the packing process.

When she wasn’t on my feet, she was waiting to be packed with all the other stuff that was waiting to be packed.

We had to move quickly because we were trying to get to Wasilla to sleep—and also trying not to get stuck in the mud on the road. Goodbye, @AlpineCreekLdg! We will miss you.

We have a few more stops in Alaska this week, and then it’s gonna be time.

#InternationalDogBus time.

See you on the road!

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