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People really, really don't realise the sheer extent of TERF mass-reporting, and how serious a problem it is. They do it in organised groups; they have group DMs, whole twitter accounts dedicated to it, add people to lists, and have off-site organisation on facebook for example.

And people don't realise that it isn't just contained to Twitter either.

They organised to report the profiles of trans people on dating sites, with an alarming degree of success, not before saving people's profile pictures and reposting them to TERF blogs to demean them.

They also organised mass-reporting of trans people's facebook profiles when the disastrous "real name" policy came in, and a lot of trans people lost access to their social media. The point is, this is an issue that has been going on far longer, and on far more platforms.

They want to strip away trans people's access to social media, stripping us of our support structures and communities and robbing us of our voices. They don't want us speaking out against them, and they don't want us speaking to each other, they'd rather us be alone and isolated.

If you're a trans person who wants to have an account on twitter, unless you are *VERY* active in blocking TERFs and subscribe to blocklists to protect yourself, you get constant harassment and agitation from TERFs, often trying to bait you into saying something actionable.

You have to act as if there are people searching through your tweets looking to find something, anything, even completely out of context, so that they can use it against you and get you mass reported and suspended. Because there are.

That's the cost of using this site if you're trans. Constant vigilance.

And that often goes for allies who choose to speak up, to offer solidarity, or a cathartic "F**k you!" to them. They can't have that either, so they target those allies for mass reporting too.

The worst thing is, it's hard for people to even realise it's happening. Because it's targeted at trans people, and who ever listens to trans people?

If you want to protect yourselves, use a blocklist like @TerfBlocker (they appear to be search banned, so you can't even go looking for this one) and use a Twitter Blockchain extension so you can block entire swathes of followers in one go. It's overkill, but you'll be safe.

And if you're going to speak out against TERFs at all, be aware that they are constantly searching for the word TERF so they can link individual accounts back to their groups for reporting.

I know it seems like overkill, and yes blocklists can result in false positives, but in all my time speaking out against TERF hatred and bigotry, I've never had my account suspended or had to remove a tweet. Blocking them en masse works.

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