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1. reading all about Huston and Nicholson's absolutely engrossing "love" story is one of my favorite things.
2. I haven't read this yet, but I'm offering up an "Oh, God, noooo" in advance. 




*looks out of window*

I'd really like to know how the journo envisioned this interview going in...
how was this interview SUPPOSED to play out?


this whole article is drama, spliced with HARDCORE dismissal of some EXTREMELY horrible shit, spliced with INTENSE shade.

see also this non-reference reference to diane keaton's new movie:


throughout the interview the journo is like, "I don't understand why everyone hates're so nice."

huston has lived through some wild shit (seriously, you can lose HOURS googling her).
and she is a survivor many times over.

what she's NOT....


is "nice."

but, shit.
fight long enough for your fair piece in this world and it might just wrest the "nice" right out of you.

promise me that when I die you won't let anybody say I stayed up all night following qvc for beanbag dolls while railing lines.

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