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As Barr testified about Trump and Flynn receiving *classified intelligence* on *August 17, 2016* about the Russian attack on America, a briefing that's among the most important events in the Trump-Russia timeline, Barr was literally *waving his hand* to indicate it didn't matter.

1/ That August 17, 2016 classified briefing is one of *the* key predicate events for aiding and abetting charges, for lying to law enforcement charges, and for many other charges that Mueller *did not look at* and never claimed he did, but that other federal investigations could.

2/ Barr lied in saying the briefing never happened (a lie he told in two separate sworn testimonies), then "corrected" himself by lying *again* about the August 17, 2016 briefing—claiming that Trump was not told of *any* specific danger to his campaign from *any* source. *False*.

3/ We need a national security report on Trump now. We got glimpses of it in the Mueller Report, but there's information suitable for impeachment proceedings that not only has *America* not been given, but not even Congressional *intel* committees have been given. *Unacceptable*.

4/ The result of us having *no visibility* into the key question of whether Donald Trump is compromised by a hostile foreign power by a preponderance of the evidence is that William Barr can lie under oath *three times* about one of the key events in the Trump "NatSec" timeline.

5/ Trump's classified briefing told Trump in mid-2016 that his campaign had been targeted for solicitation and infiltration. Trump knew he'd been both infiltrated and solicited—he either hid the intel from law enforcement or lied about it. Either is impeachable on NatSec grounds.

6/ I don't know what has to happen for media to start covering this—the ISSUE is national security; the standard of proof is PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE; the remedy is IMPEACHMENT; the core facts on the issue are largely being WITHHELD from us. This is the top story in America.

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