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Enough. Impeachment—*now*. Retweet if this is where you're at now, too.


1. Emoluments
2. Abuse of Power
3. Obstruction
4. Campaign Finance Crimes Key to Election
5. Oath of Office Violations
6. National Security Threat
7. Collusive Crimes*

*Preponderance proof—aiding and abetting, bribery, solicitation of foreign donations.

Because impeachment is *not* a criminal proceeding—and the penalty of impeachment is *not* a criminal penalty—the appropriate standard of proof for national security, abuse of power, and criminal allegations is preponderance of the evidence (at *most*). All these grounds suffice.


In the course of Congressional impeachment hearings, there is substantial reason—just from the publicly reported record of evidence—to believe that evidence would *also* be found of the following:

8. Witness Tampering
9. Money Laundering
10. RICO

It may take time for all the evidence on these matters to be gathered, but it would be false to say that the evidence does not already exist and is not already publicly available. It is merely a matter of compiling the evidence and then *augmenting* it with additional testimony.

Existing federal/state investigations (EDNY, SDNY, CCDA, USAO, FBI, CIA, NYAG, NYCDA, MDAG, DCAG, NJAG and so on) should continue, but they will not finish in time. Whether he is convicted or not, America should spend 6 months now—not later—letting America see the evidence on TV.

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