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On Faze Clan, 100 Thieves, and Misfit Success in Hip Hop x Video Games: "It was 96. I was on set at a video shoot for Man of Steel, and I beat Shaq at Tekken in front of Ice Cube... That’s my earliest recollection of hip-hop and gaming." 

When Drake, Travis Scott, JuJu Smith-Schuster (Pittsburg Steelers) and Ninja teamed up for a game of Fortnite last year: "That was the ‘man on the moon, shot-heard-round-the-world’ moment in esports... It’s akin to hip-hop’s moving from the uptown clubs to the downtown clubs."

Esports brand FaZe - combining 24/7 pro gamers with online personalities dedicated to creating content - has a combined social reach of 210M.

That's bigger than the Kardashians 🤯 Some thoughts from Lil Yachty:

FaZe's machine:

-CEO Lee Trink (fmr Capitol Records, Virgin Records 🎶)
-Head of BD Clinton Sparks (producer for DJ Snake, Lady Gaga, Pitbull; turned Karmaloop into a huge streetwear 👟 ecomm site)
-Collabs (Nike, Supreme, Champion)
-Friends (Post Malone, Logic, French Montana)

Recent developments:

👥 Meek Mill announced in Feb that he was founding an esports team
🕹 DJ Akademiks hosts a Complex show called On The Sticks where he plays video games with celebrities like Yachty, Chris Redd, baller Iman Shumpert

Esports will have the same appeal as owning a basketball team. "I see Floyd Mayweather’s team facing LeBron’s team and bets being placed on mobile phones."

Athletes, rappers, and players are creating esports leagues bottoms up - which makes this so much more exciting.

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