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The profound reverberations from what Barr did today cannot be overstated. For instance, he signaled to any future Trumpist witnesses called by the House that if they lie to Congress and if Congress then makes a criminal referral to the DOJ on that basis, DOJ is unlikely to act.

1/ We're not taking literally enough the declaration by Graham today that "it's over," or the declaration by Barr that Americans will next have a chance to be heard not through Congress but at the polls in 2020. These guys are serious about *ending* rule of law in the Trump case.

2/ If these men are to be taken literally, the only next step the Democrats can take is to impeach Barr so that either evidence of his collusion with the White House emerges or the focus on him is so intense he cannot secretly obstruct the 14 pending Trump-related investigations.

3/ I think we're in a different position today than we were even a week ago, in which the shock to our rule of law that Trump allies at DOJ have orchestrated may actually leave those who believe in rule of law with no alternative *but* impeachment. That's a new state of affairs.

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