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A crazy idea: the Mueller Report is *free*—Google "Mueller report download"—so maybe, instead of buying it on Amazon (sales rank: #1) folks should read it free online, then buy a book that significantly *augments* the Report. Hope you'll pass on this idea. 

1/ I understand the temptation to see me saying this as salesmanship, but in fact it's just the simple fact that I took a broader view of the Trump-Russia case than Mueller because I wasn't limited—or even very focused on—implausible Trump-IRA or Trump-GRU conspiracy allegations.

2/ The result is that PROOF OF COLLUSION focuses on the collusion allegations that a) actually have evidence supporting them, and importantly, b) are *still active*: aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power's crimes after the fact and bribery (a money-for-policy quid pro quo).

3/ The book is bolstered by 2,000 citations and background info on things the Mueller Report only tangentially looked into because it wasn't within Mueller's brief—in other words, I'm not criticizing Mueller at all or saying I had access to info he didn't, just a different focus.

4/ It's hard to see the Mueller Report—which, again, is *free online*—be the #1 book at Amazon because, putting aside my book entirely, there's so much else America could be reading to supplement the Report. What about the excellent HOUSE OF PUTIN, HOUSE OF TRUMP, by @craigunger?

5/ Frankly, one would do better to read the Mueller Report online and then buy a year's subscription to the New York Times, Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal—all of whom are regularly cited in PROOF OF COLLUSION and have done great work. Or one could donate to The Guardian.

6/ Anyway, I'm thrilled folks are invested in the Mueller Report—enough to pay for it though it's free. I just know that the Mueller Report is a small part of the larger Trump-Russia story—and that it'd be better if the Report were a starting point, rather than ending point. /end

PS/ Good point: I said "hope you'll pass on this idea" when of course I meant, less euphemistically, "hope you'll retweet my pinned tweet *if* you agree with the premise of the tweet." (As ever, if you disagree, I fully and totally respect that and don't mean to pressure anyone.)

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