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“The UK should lead the global fight against climate change by cutting greenhouse gases to nearly zero by 2050”
We were pleased to see the report from the Committee on Climate Change in the news today  #climatechange

We know the UK can be a world leader in the fight against #climatechange by reaching #netzero emissions. We published this joint report with @RAEngNews on the technology and science that will help us reach this goal.  #climateemergency

“Now it’s time to tackle emissions from transport, buildings and agriculture, and that involves choices made by everyone in this country.” Corinne Le Quéré FRS of @uniofeastanglia, one of our Fellows, is active in this area 

By keeping #globalwarming to 1.5°C, we could reduce risks and impact from #climatechange to people across the globe. Read our summary report on UK policymakers can do now to enable the UK to play its role in limiting warming  #climateemergencynow

From carbon capture and storage to reforestation, from biomass building to biochar, Gideon Henderson FRS of @UniofOxford @OxEarthSciences explains what tools are available to fight #climatechange 

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