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Democrats: we'd like republican permission to take action against your crime president

Republicans: we're imprisoning hillary for trump's crimes

Democrats: that's concerning

Republicans: voting is a crime now

Democrats: we'll work with you to make it a misdemeanor

In before: not all Democrats etc etc

But they must impeach. And the prerequisite of bipartisanship support isn’t acceptable.

You can impeach a president more than once.

You can investigate while impeaching.

Anyone saying otherwise is either fooling you or has been fooled.

Those in power want us afraid of bringing power to account.

If Congress has enough to impeach—and they do—it is their duty to impeach.

Waiting until you've investigated every infraction is perverse. It incentivizes both stonewalling and even more infractions: can't impeach old crimes until you've investigated these new ones.

Impeaching a president does not mean you can't bring criminal charges against him.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is fooling you or has been fooled.

Accountability now does not make accountability later less likely. It makes it more likely.

Obviously. OBVIOUSLY.

I think there are millions out there who want to see this president brought to justice but they've been fooled into believing that there's only one chance at this, it's got to be a perfect shot, and it has to be at the exact perfect time.

Think how much that favors Trump.

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