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“It is time to reframe the immigration debate and recognize the ways immigration benefits our nation’s economy,” former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says. Immigration will be the top issue for 2020 US presidential elections, just as it was for 2016.

2. “But Washington’s insistence on weaponizing immigration does nothing to make our country safer or more prosperous. Instead, it unleashes uncertainty and economic disruption that adversely affect communities and economies across the country.” - @HowardSchultz

3. ”In 2018, Arizona’s cross-border trade with Mexico totaled $16.7 billion. But the benefits of our trade with Mexico extend far beyond border states: Mexico is America’s third-largest trading partner with $612 billion in total trade/year, or $1.7 billion/day.” - @HowardSchultz

4. “Communities that depend on sensible immigration policies are suffering consequences of negligent leadership on this issue. Attitudes of those who live & work near the border and their desire for a solution are lost in politicians’ discourse about immigration.”-@HowardSchultz

5. The candidate who outlines the best/most popular immigration policy will win 2020. The rest is noise. 

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