Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy May. 02, 2019 1 min read

FBI: 1) knows Russia hacked 2) receives intel Aussies about Russia, emails, Trump campaign member 3) Manafort becomes campaign manager from nowhere 4) former target Russia intel shows up on Trump campaign & in Moscow - this is what the FBI should do 

More than sufficient predication for FBI to do defensive counterintelligence to determine if a Presidential campaign may be penetrated or influenced by a foreign power (Russia) who is also conducting cyber attacks on US officials & citizens. Trump narrative is ridiculous

Trump calls FBI actions spying, it is not, it’s defense of America, and it was only necessary to due to the gross negligence and incompetence of the Trump campaign

To sum up, this is exactly what the FBI should do to assess whether a foreign power is penetrating or influencing a candidate’s campaign. I’d note, the FBI did this assessment and said NOTHING publicly to harm Trump’s campaign.

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