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This is exactly right, and @cyrustoulabi beat me to the exact thread I planned to write (in response to @BarbMcQuade's post, as he did!). In making a charging decision contrary to Mueller's position, Barr is *obligated* to report that decision to Congress and EXPLAIN WHY 1/

Mueller's position is so "inappropriate and unwarranted under established DOJ policies" that he departed from SC's recommendations (to which he was supposed to give great deference). Since Mueller was *following* DOJ policy in the first place, this seems like quite a pickle 2/

Not to mentioned that Barr, as per the regulations in his own department, ha an obligation to answer to the HJC. HJC should cite this regulation as grounds for their subpoena -- it's basically saying that the AG must comply with the rules OF HIS OWN DEPARTMENT

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