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The worst possible outcome was never that the Mueller report wouldn’t reveal anything impeachable. The worst result was always that it would reveal a clear case for impeachment and nothing would happen.

I don't trust people who don't understand that Republicans are completely untrustworthy.

I don't trust people who aren't ready for a serious fight for humanity against an ideology that's optimized for greed and hostile to humanity.

I don't trust people who aren't angry rn.

I'm not looking for cute triangulation and bipartisan deals.

I'm not interested in people who can make a system like this one 'work.'

I'm not interested in 'healing' with no accountability.

I don't care about reaching deplorables.

I want to leave a livable world behind.

Our country is defined, at its core, by abuse and enablement.

We have to break that cycle. It's killing even those of us (such as me) who benefit from it.

There are better options and we have to demand them.

We are all connected with each other inextricably. Social fabric isn't optional.

Life isn't something that's earned.

Profit isn't moral virtue.

Violence redeems nothing.

Let's stop receiving our country's foundational lies as wisdom.

Growth, while sometimes necessary, isn't a good in itself. One must ask 'growth of what?'

Compromise, while sometimes necessary, isn't a good in itself. One must ask 'compromise w/what?'

"Pragmatism" is often a word used to do nothing, rather than meet an urgent challenge.

Stop "forgiving" people for harming other people.

To forgive an abusive person on behalf of the abused isn't forgiveness, it's abuse.

Be divisive.

Divisiveness with hate, bigotry, and greed may be the one thing separating an endangered person from those who endanger them.

Let's be a little less clever and a little more bold.

Let's be a little less pragmatic, a little more imaginative.

Let's fight for what we want.

Let's actually believe tomorrow can be better than today.

And then let's not just believe, but demand.

It's our country.

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