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Stripe’s approach of treating Remote as its own hub within a company that’s traditional been in-office only is really smart. Great model for other larger companies that got started before Remote got as good and as easy as it is today.

Stripe highlights the importance of geographical diversity, which is often overlooked when companies just focus on tech-hub hiring. Not exactly controversial that Bay Area/Seattle/NYC only is awfully echo-chamby. Hire broad, hire wide!

It’s weird to me that we are still stuck in this base, preliminary “but does remote work?!” stage of the conversation. Like asking “but does it scale?!” about Rails in 2019. I mean... open your eyes? World is full of success stories for remote (and Rails! 😄).

And the tech does matter! At Basecamp, we absolutely need @Basecamp to do what we do remotely. We’d be flying blind without it. This isn’t your “email and a phone call is all you get” era any more (and hasn’t been for over a decade!).

(That said, remote isn’t so much of a company fit as a personality fit. Some people really just don’t like it. Though a fair number of people who claim so haven’t actually tried it for a sustained period of time.)

We’ve been working remotely at Basecamp for almost twenty years. You might want to skip the rookie mistakes and learn what we took two decades to deduce with our book REMOTE: Office Not Required.  https://basecamp.com/books/remote 

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