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This is a horrible example of an extreme disconnect between whoever the hell is in charge, and internet culture at large, because they can't seem to tell that everyone's just exaggerating how horrified they are at the design and trying to one-up each other's disgust. It was fine.

It's not a great design, it's not even a good one, it was just... fine.

People jump on silly internet trends and like to get a dunk in for those sweet, sweet clicks. I'm no different. But the "backlash" is just exaggerated for comic effect.

But it does expose something of a negligent, internet culture illiteracy from people who should really know better, or at least should have people who know better advising them.

Also, Sonic fans would nitpick everything, there's no pleasing them.

And it's horrifying that VFX artists might have to do so much more work, because those in charge don't have any perspective on how these internet hot takes even work. Like, imagine crunching your artists because the producer doesn't understand Twitter? Fucking hell!

If I were to criticize anything, it'd be Jim Carry's desperately unfunny and prolonged "who's in charge" bit, which if it's any indication of his performance in the rest of the movies, it's gonna be dire.

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