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(Thread) How Impeachment Works

There’s confusion about how impeachment works.

Impeachment isn't the same as removal.

People, for example, are calling for the immediate impeachment of Trump [and Pence] because “we can’t allow” his corrupt administration to continue.

1/ (My regular followers understand the process. This thread is for easy retweeting.)

Here is the process:

💠First there are investigations into presidential misconduct;
💠Then public hearings on the misconduct . . .


💠publicly (or privately) legislators cautiously use the “i” word or the “r” word. (Legislators using words like “impeach” or “remove” too soon is like a judge announcing “guilty” before the trial);
💠After the evidence is collected, a committee is designated. . .

3/ . . . to decide whether to impeach;
💠the House debates and votes on the articles of impeachment;
💠the matter goes to the Senate for trial; and
💠at the conclusion of the trial the Senate votes on whether to remove.

2/3 of the Senate is required for removal.

Impeachment = indictment
Removal=a finding of guilt

The founders deliberately made it hard to remove a president.

It’s also fairly clear right now that no matter what evidence is introduced, this Senate will not remove.
This doesn’t mean impeachment is a bad idea. . .

5/ There are dangers to impeachment, but impeachment proceedings may be the only way to get the truth out.

Some people said my “impeach Barr” thread from yesterday👇 is a bad idea because 2/3 of the senate is necessary for impeachment. (Nope)

6/ Given the nature of today’s GOP, a Senate trial will not be a “normal” trial.

What do I mean by that? Please see 👇

(so don't expect a normal trial)

7/ For why impeachment is mostly political anyway, start reading here👇

Some people claim that the House as a moral duty to indict if there are indictable crimes. @joshuamatz8 and @Tribelaw, drawing on a massive amount of scholarship, argue that . . .

8/ . . .the Constitution intended the power to impeach to be discretionary.

For more on that, and for a deeper understanding of impeachment, read 👇@joshuamatz8 and @Tribelaw

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