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"In April 2016, Russian ambassador Kislyak visited Kennesaw University, which housed the Georgia Election Center.

In August 2016, @BrianKempGA refused help from DHS to secure Georgia's systems."  1/

2/ "The same month, white hat hacker Logan Lamb discovered the Election Center had left 15 gigabytes of data, which looked like it could be used to hack an election, online and without password protection."

3/ "In April 2017, about a week before the Georgia 6th District primary election, the director of Fulton County’s Election Board (Rick Barron) — who had recently observed elections in Kazakhstan — was chatting on Facebook with a woman in Moscow named Julya Kudaneeva."

4/ More on Ms. Kudaneeva who was also a US election observer from Russia during the midterm elections (but was sent home early when her partner got a DUI).

5/ Related Thread.

6/ via @KimZetter

7/ More about Drupageddon, a vulnerability that Georgia's election systems have had and failed to patch since 2002! via @whowhatwhy 

8/ More screen shots about Drupageddon:

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