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Wow, how electable.

In a time of actual emergencies, it's awesome to run somebody on a platform of "your problems aren't shit, and the people who are causing them are my friends who I genuinely like, so shut up."

Sort of seems like the guy who has 3 unsuccessful presidential bids in his life and is reflexively dismissive of his own party's voting base might not be the best candidate.

There are a few people who will hold their nose and vote for him against Trump. I am one.

There are more who will just despair and stay home—WAY more of those then there are "swing voters."

Don't take your voting base for granted, o Master Strategists.

Literally nothing Joe Biden does or says to court conservative white voters will keep conservative media from calling him a feeble-minded communist who aborts infants post-birth, nor will anything keep conservative white voters from believing it.

Stop trying to win them.

"The only thing that matters is winning!" Biden Democrats are basically the kid in 80s movies who decides the path to being cool is to ignore and mock and torment his nerd friends, thereby impressing all the assholes who've ignored and mocked and tormented him.

We've seen that movie.

My context is all the things Joe Biden keeps saying and has said his entire career, and also his voting record, and his record as a legislator and as a candidate.

I'm just like FOX News.

It's weird how all the dozens of clips of Joe Biden saying something really dumb or shitty are all out of context, he's so unlucky to have so many of them.

Anyway, I already said I would cast my extremely reluctant vote for Biden if it comes to it, but my point is exactly that he's not the one to remove Trump because you don't win elections by demoralizing your base, but by energizing them.


I think he's easily one of the weakest candidates, he's proved it before, and he's going to prove it again.

I just hope he proves it before he gets the nomination, not after.

Yes, I really do think Joe Biden doesn't *get* the challenge younger voters face.

I think exactly that.

And I think he actually doesn't care.

I think he doesn't get it enough that he'll tell them that right to their face.

See, this is exactly the sort of thing I'm NOT saying.

But if I did say it, you'd wonder why I'm going out of my way to alienate part of the core Democratic voting base.

Joe Biden is saying the equivalent of eactly this to young voters.

Not smart.

We are going to have to be able to criticize candidates during primary season, my friends.

If a candidate can't stand up to our criticism now, they're toast in the general anyway. Let's not fight scared.

But FFS don't tell young voters you have no empathy for them.

I'm not even writing all this out of some sort of ideological purity.

I am writing it because I think he will be a TERRIBLE candidate, who can't win.

Early polls say he can.

Biden's record as a candidate says otherwise.

Statements like the one above support the latter idea.

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