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Presidential hopeful, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg flat-out turned down the idea of allowing felons to vote, saying that losing rights is part of the punishment. Lindsey Graham opposes voting rights for imprisoned felons too.

Countries that allow all inmates to vote: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland. Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Germany, Norway, Portugal allow the vote unless a criminal is convicted of targeting the state.

States that allow inmates to vote:
Vermont (Bernie Sanders home state)

States that do not allow inmates to vote:
Indiana and the rest (so perhaps Buttigieg’s opposition to allowing inmates to vote is based on his Indiana upbringing).

Two states (Florida and Virginia) permanently disfranchise persons with felony convictions. In Virginia, former Governor Terry McAuliffe (a Democrat said to be eyeing a 2020 run) used his executive power to restore voting rights to about 140,000 people with criminal backgrounds.

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