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The release of methane, a short-lived climate pollutant more potent than carbon dioxide over the short term, could induce further warming in a vicious cycle that would be difficult if not impossible to stop. 

Watching a sleeping giant wake up right in front of our eyes:

'abrupt permafrost thawing disrupts deeper carbon stockpiles more rapidly. In addition, abrupt thaw releases more methane—a stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide—than does gradual thaw.' 

Permafrost-carbon feedback: abrupt thaw & thermokarst lake formation.

"Within my lifetime, ...within a few decades, it should peak."

⚠️Computer models of the behavior of Thermokarst lakes are not currently incorporated into global climate models.⚠️ 

Then there's nitrous oxide emissions from thawing Alaskan permafrost, which are about 12 times higher than previously assumed.

(N2O traps heat nearly 300 times more efficiently than carbon dioxide does)

Looks bad for the Arctic, the global climate and us. 

"Arctic permafrost isn’t thawing gradually, as scientists once predicted. Geologically speaking, it’s thawing almost overnight." 

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