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Patreon's changing their terms of service for new accounts next week, so anybody who wants to get the better terms should launch their Patreon page.

Which is my way of saying I launched a Patreon page.  https://www.patreon.com/armoxon 

I don't really have expectations; if you like my writing and want to support it, I appreciate you very much for being so friendly!

If a lot of people do that, I'll probably do a lot with Patreon. If not many do, I'll probably do less.

I love you either way.

This is a great idea. Let me look into how I might do that.

Anyone who chooses to give this way, I appreciate you a lot.

That said, the very best way to support my writing is to buy this book right here.

You can follow @JuliusGoat.


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