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This hypothetical, presented as in defense of the electoral college, actually shows just how terribly unfair the electoral college is.

If you can win the most votes but lose in a landslide then the system is perverse.

Not sure why you should have a built-in bonus for living in a state where most people don’t want to live

Seems to create perverse incentives for rich wealthy people to make their state a hellhole so they can have outsize influence in state AND national politics.

good thing we don’t see stuff like that happening

Hey I’ve got a hypothetical for you: there’s a class of 100.

55 vote to have a lunch break, but 45 vote to attack the 55 with wolverines. Who should win the election?

Before answering .... the 55 students are sitting *really closely together.*

Not so cut and dry NOW, is it?

The answer is: all of the 55 are legal.

My man’s never heard of the popular vote.

Great suggestion. We ought to do that. The EC is a racist construct.


Corollary: racist things are racist no matter what anyone says.

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