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I've had a lot of jobs in my time. One really enjoyable one was writing about boutique hotels for a company called @ChicRetreat. When things were quiet, I'd research the stories of older hotels, ask some questions. I'd always come across some really fascinating stuff… /1

Hotel Villa Carlotta (@HVillaCarlotta) in Taormina, Sicily is relatively modern, but when owners were looking for a place to put a bar, well, why not the ancient Roman catacombs found during construction? No really, those are the niches for bodies. /2

Sticking with Sicily, Locanda Don Serafino (@DonSerafinoRG) in Ragusa Ibla features rooms that were stables carved into rock - surviving an earthquake that devastated the town in 1693. In fact, medieval stonework was salvaged to give it a classy look! /3  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-ragusa/locanda-don-serafino/ 

Elsewhere in Italy, Torre del Parco (@torredelparco) in Lecce, Puglia served as a prison as in the 15th century. Dissatisfied customers of the establishment left 'reviews’ on the walls, still visible to guests today. /4

The building home to the Golden Well hotel in Prague, Czechia, has always welcomed guests - especially when part of the HRE's court. Johannes Kepler & Tycho Brahe made observations from it! Also, if you stay, you get free entry to the castle! /5  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-prague/golden-well-hotel/ 

Schloss Prielau, in Austria's Zell Am See, hasn't changed much (outwardly) since it was a 15th century hunting lodge! It was also home to an important Austrian cultural figure, Hugo Von Hoffmansthal. Now it's a hotel owned by the Porsche family! /6  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-salzburg/schloss-prielau/ 

Temps D'Or Hotel, in Luxembourg is also the home of the Count of Ansembourg, and has been besieged on occasion. The library still turns up the odd incredibly important medieval manuscript, like Codex Mariendalensis (an earliest work in Luxembourgish). /7  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-ansembourg/temps-dor-hotel/ 

The Hotel Schlössle (@HotelSchlossle) in Tallinn, Estonia, was the home of medieval merchants, and included warehouses. After the plague cleared out the city, the place was remodelled with baroque features. Now it's considered the city's premier hotel. /8  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-tallinn/schlssle-hotel/ 

L'Hotel (@LHotel) in Paris, France, is not only beautifully belle epoque, but Oscar Wilde died there without paying his bill - it's still on the wall, framed. Staying in his 'death room' is a bit of a bucket list item for me. /9  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-paris/l-hotel/ 

La Verriere in the Provence region of France is a restored medieval priory. You can stay in one of the rooms, or rent out the whole place for a eye-watering amount. One amazing thing are the medieval frescos uncovered in some of the rooms. /10   https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-provence-alpes-cote-dazur/la-verriere/ 

Finally, if you want an *entire medieval village*, the Sextantio Albergo Difussio took over Santo Stefano di Sessanio (@SextantioSS) in Abruzzo - a former Medici stronghold! Don't worry, it's responsible for bring people back to the town. /11  https://www.chicretreats.com/boutique-hotels-abruzzo/sextantio-albergo-diffuso/ 

No, none of this was a paid ad. Seriously. I just like going through the places I used to write about. That said, if anyone wants me to review sweet castles you can stay in, hit me up! Hope you enjoyed that! /FIN

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