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This is the 2019 Hyundai Nexo - one of the very few modern care designed exclusively with hydrogen power in mind. It fills up with hydrogen in under three minutes (for a 370-mile range) , emits a gentle Star-Trekky whoosh at slower speeds and on the move is like an electric car.

2. How green is an electric car, really? The folks at ICTT (who unearthed Volkswagen’s Dieselgate) put the carbon impact of manufacturing an EV at just under three times a piston car. The EV’s impact is doubled by batteries (Tesla’s Gigafactory uses renewable energy, however).

3. But by the time an electric vehicle (EV) is a few years old, it has offset its manufacturing CO2 deficit. The ICTT says that the lifetime CO2 emissions for an EV (including mining for materials for battery) are half that of a conventional vehicle.

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