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What is he doing.

Theory: Biden is a career pol who is longtime friends with some of the biggest Republican monsters there are, and he genuinely would much rather rehabilitate them w/o consequences than fight the madness that's infected the country through them.

I know it's "out there" but.

My feeling about Biden is that, rather than being the electable sure-shot, he's actually one of the riskiest propositions out there.

People despair, when the friends they desperately need to stand up for them instead make friends with their oppressors.

Please keep in mind that, while white suburban Republicans will certainly appreciate all the kind words Joe Biden will give them on the campaign trail, about how voting for Trump didn't make them bad people, they're not going to vote for him.

But they will vote.

Who won't?

Meanwhile the ass-grabby thing isn't going away. It's not a meme, it's who he's been his whole life.

The attitudes informing the handsiness reveal themselves in so many more ways than handsiness.

Finally, people aren't really contending with the fact that Biden is actually pretty bad at campaigning.

Like, just basic bad at it.

He's done this a lot, and he's done it in times far better suited for his sort of politics.

Never successfully.

Let me put it this way:

In a time ready-made for a bipartisan middle-road pol, Joe Biden couldn't beat Michael Dukakis.

He's got his strengths and his likabilities.

But he's pretty bad at this.

He'd be one of the worst on policy if he won. A corporate bank frontispiece and a GOP apologist.

But he's also one of the biggest risks to win there is.

Please everybody. Let's not go with Bad Idea Jeans 2020.

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