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My wife and I have worked for 22 years. We draw comfortable salaries. We save. Our only significant debt is our mortgage, upon which we've never missed a payment.

We are among the luckiest of the lucky.

We're one bad diagnosis away from losing everything, and we always know it.

It's actually probably an option for me! Which, again, makes me among the luckiest of the lucky.

I'd rather stay here and try to make our society one that isn't based on predatory economics and toxic lies.

As long as our politics are predicated on the following lies ...

✅We owe each other nothing
✅Life must be earned
✅Profitability is how you earn it

...our economic metrics will always at least partially indicate how efficiently the strong are consuming the weak.

The wolf is always at the door, if you vote for him to guard it.

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