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Bank holiday reflections: I’ve worked flat-out on this for 2.5 years. It’s triggered multiple investigations & billion $ fines. But I’m in @guardian bubble. Most of UK still entirely in dark. Took a US media org to do this. What next? How to get it out??

I’ve been on @bbc twice. And @skynews twice. And that’s it. This was my single biggest opportunity ever to explain the story on air in UK

This is a cover-up. There’s no other way to put it. By both govt & opposition. Biggest electoral fraud in 100+ years. Foreign interference. Subversion. And for any sort of overview, you must turn to the national broadcaster. The German national broadcaster

...& back in Wales. And what’s the first thing I see? An expensive communication funded by unknown source(s) from a man whose previous campaign is under police investigation. Only leaflet so far to arrive, my mum says. (And, no I don’t know why it’s in the fruit bowl either..)

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