Mike Stuchbery 💀🍷 @MikeStuchbery_ Journalist, Teacher & Historian (@BylineTimes/@TheLocalEurope) ★ You met me at a very strange time in my life. May. 05, 2019 1 min read

Happy to offer myself for the #MikeStuchberyMilkshakeChallenge that the right-wingers are carrying on about today.

If you are good with the livestreaming, or have access to ridiculous amounts of milk, get in touch.

Let's make this happen! /1


£5 to @migranthelp gets you chocolate.

£5 to @shelter gets you vanilla.

£5 to @hopenothate gets you banana.

£5 to @MSF_uk gets you strawberry.

Like I said, hit me up.

You can follow @MikeStuchbery_.


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