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(Thread) Sunday / Weekly Summary

Here’s my weekly summary.

I keep intending to write 3 threads per week. Then stuff happens.

#1: Trump’s endgame

We’re there. Mueller wrapped up. Trump is fighting the truth according to script.

See #2👇 "Hi, Jan"

#2: Mostly this week I wrote about How Impeachment Works

Here’s a quick summary of the process:

#3: I suggest starting by impeaching Barr.

He and others are shielding Trump. They’re withholding evidence and lying to the people.

It's a long thread. Tweet 23 sums it up.

#4: The first impeachment thread I wrote this week was this one, warning of the dangers.

I’m not saying don’t impeach.
I’m saying prudent lawmakers consider the dangers and proceed judiciously.

#5: Then I wrote, What’s Next? 👇

#6: Finally, a reminder⤵️

If you think activists supporting democracy right now are up against a tough battle, let me tell you about what Susan B. Anthony was up against. Or Thurgood Marshall.

It’s the same fight, really, against the same reactionaries.

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