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uBiome was raided by the FBI for ripping off patients and insurers with bogus medical tests. This is what #GrowthUberAlles looks like when applied to medicine. Working hard to provide unicorn returns for Andreessen Horowitz and YCombinator 👏  https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/02/ubiome-what-really-happened-at-health-start-up-raided-by-fbi.html 

You’d think after Theranos that Silicon Valley would just be a little more careful before applying the growth playbook to medicine. But I guess when you’re done wrecking our attention, wounding democracy, and colonizing transport, extractive medicine is the next growth frontier!

But as the famous venture capitalist investor Tim Draper noted after the Theranos scandal was in full view: “I’d back her as chief science officer, just not CEO”. Seems the only problem with Theranos was it was found out. Not it was a scam.  https://theoutline.com/post/7157/one-of-theranos-first-investors-has-learned-approximately-nothing-from-its-implosion?zd=2&zi=cil4annj 

Silicon Valley’s economic model leads directly to this. It’s a sickness of greed and hubris. When that’s “just” about addicting you to the next social media phenomenon, that’s bad enough. When it’s literally the life and death of medicine? Fucking hell.


Here’s Andreessen on the problem with medical startups being all that pesky scientific peer review. Not the fraud.

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