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(Short thread)

Tony, all my threads are indexed and filed on my blog. There's also a search function. (I can find anything I need. You may feel like you've stepped into Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler's office.)

You can go to my blog and look for "solutions" under "categories."

2/ Here's what you find under "solutions."  https://terikanefield-blog.com/category/solutions/ 

Something I've observed: My threads on “solutions” are never as popular as my threads pointing out the flaws in MAGA thinking.

3/ I imagine this is partly because liberals never agree on solutions. You may notice that democrats tend to splinter, while the right wing falls in line.

Also solutions usually require patience. And there are no quick solutions, which frustrates people.

4/ The current crisis was decades in the making. It won't be solved overnight.

I maintain that if enough people stay engaged and do what they can to support democracy, we'll get through this.

Falling into funks or running around in a panic have never helped in a crisis.

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