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I will add that removing Trump doesn't solve the underlying problems, or the fact that the GOP is no longer a conservative party; the GOP is an authoritarian party, and has grown enormously in power.

Removing Trump, who is unpopular, and putting in Pence . . .

. . . isn't really much of an improvement.

Remember that even with impeachment, removal is very unlikely.

(impeachment doesn't mean removal)

This is why I worry about the belief that impeachment is somehow a magic bullet.

Hey everyone: Impeachment is not a constitutional "requirement."

I am in favor of moving forward on impeachment, but for the correct reasons.

Professors @JoshuaMatz8 and @tribelaw devote a section of their book on impeachment to the fact that it is not mandatory . . .

. . . even in the face of overwhelming evidence of impeachable behavior.

(See my blog for summaries if you don't have time to read the entire book).

There are, however, excellent reasons to move forward with impeachment.


Interesting question ⤵️

It seems to me that in this case, it would be worse for the GOP and Trump not to have a trial.
No trial means that Trump remains impeached.
A trial would "clear" his name and acquit him. I think they'll go for a trial so they can declare him not guilty.

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