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Curatorial journalism is coming to the Mueller Report—and when it does, America will discover counterintelligence connections in the Report that lay bare the entire Kremlin strategy for gaining influence over Trump's Russia policy during the election. I'm writing the summary now.

1/ People often tell me that Twitter is a bad forum for what I do, and obviously there are some circumstances in which I agree—it's why I've written one book on the Trump-Russia scandal and am about to finish another. The counterintelligence story to be told here requires a book.

2/ I'll say this much: the roles and interconnections of the Center for the National Interest, Ed Cox, Richard Burt, Dimitri Simes, Oleg Deripaska, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner are *way* beyond what Mueller explicitly connected in his Report.

3/ The Kremlin staged a takeover of Trump's Russia policy during the campaign—and with the knowledge of Trump's inner circle. The circle could (and did) do nothing to stop the takeover—in fact facilitated it—partly because Trump was negotiating a $1 billion deal with the Kremlin.

4/ I'm not being euphemistic—Kremlin agents *literally* wrote Trump's Russia policy. And we know exactly how they positioned themselves to do so *and* worked to hold out a meeting with Putin—which Trump knew he needed to close his $1 billion deal—for the entirety of the campaign.

5/ Putin had no intention of meeting with Trump in 2013 (the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow) or during the 2016 campaign. But he had enormous help from US persons in dangling the possibility before Trump as Trump was forming his Russia policy and hunting after a $1 billion deal.

6/ The resultant pattern is that of a crime Mueller never investigated: bribery. Putin dangled $1 billion before Trump as he hijacked Trump's Russia policy, knowing that if Trump won the election he would execute that policy—which Trump tried to do, perfecting the bribery charge.

7/ Everything I'm now putting in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is taken from major media *and* will appear in any future *counterintelligence* report about Trump's campaign activities (that investigation appears to be ongoing). The problem: it's not clear that we'll *ever* see that report.

8/ I dislike putting only a fraction of what I know on Twitter. I do it because the broader picture of what these two dozen men— plus Ivanka and McFarland—did is simply too complicated for even a 200-tweet Twitter thread. People will get lost—and the thread disappear too quickly.

9/ Many who read my last book (PROOF OF COLLUSION) tell me that they had to read it multiple times—but when they did, they found that each reading increased their understanding in a harrowing way. PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is the same—and that's why it needs to be a *permanent* object.

10/ The point is, what you think happened *did* happen—and the story is contained *in the Mueller Report* if we simply stop looking for a "conspiracy"-style collusive crime and look, instead, for evidence of *bribery and aiding and abetting*. Then much—but not all—of it is there.

PS/ Keep in mind that $1 billion is approximately 33% of *all the wealth Trump has ever accumulated in his life*. For those who don't think Trump would betray America for that kind of money, read this story about what he was willing to do for *13 cents*... 

NOTE/ I don't doubt @RepAdamSchiff and HPSCI know what I know—I'd say "and know more," but they haven't been briefed on the Trump counterintelligence probes since May 2017, so maybe not. They fear—as do I—the truth is too complicated to be explained in U.S. politics' sound-bites.

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