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She’s trying to get ahead of any claim by Trump that, if he loses, the election must have been rigged. But her framing does not account for the possibility that the election may be electronically manipulated to favor TRUMP as many reasonably fear occurred in 2016. 1/

Her framing thus stands a strong chance of backfiring because it may be the DEMOCRATS who need to challenge a rigged outcome. This is effectively the corner that Obama backed us into in 2016 when he claimed (falsely) that our elections are insecure. 2/

What she should do instead (among other things) is subpoena voting machine vendor ES&S to compel them to disclose where they installed remote access software & cellular modems & PUBLICLY demand their removal. 3/

Pretending our Swiss Cheese elections are secure has already proven to be a losing strategy. 4/

Sourced thread. 5/

She should also WARN the public about these dangerous new “Hybrid” barcode voting systems. 6/ 

7/ I fear this will never happen, as @SpeakerPelosi’s former chief of staff is now lobbying for Dominion Voting, the 2d largest US vendor, which is selling one of these dangerous new “Hybrid” barcode voting systems. 

8/ Meanwhile, the largest US voting machine vendor, ES&S, has donated $30k to help elect Republicans to state office, & its advisory board recently included Brian Kemp’s former chief of staff, while Kemp’s current chief of staff was a top ES&S lobbyist. 

9/ I’m not sure what kind of game is being played by these mega-vendors, but ES&S appears to have much more control of the playing field (our democracy) than Dominion, as explained in the Sourced thread linked here:

10/ Oh yeah, and ES&S’s “Hybrid” barcode voting system, the ExpressVote XL, is even more popular than Dominion’s “Hybrid” (the Dominion ICE). I discuss both systems in here: 

11/ Correction in post 2: I meant to say “secure” not “insecure” - Obama falsely claimed that our elections are SECURE & thus backed us into a corner from which he couldn’t easily escape when confronted w/ an election that may have been manipulated in TRUMP’S favor.

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