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It’s too late.

I’m not saying this flippantly. I mean it. Trump has proved—abundantly—that he was all the worst his critics warned, and even worse.

Continued support for him proves that those who came before differed not in evil intent, but only in stealth at hiding that intent.

It’s too late

If you support Trump now, we know you.

Perhaps you love your kids. Perhaps you’re good parents or neighbors. Perhaps you were card and pay your bills. Perhaps you donate and volunteer.

But we know what you’ll support.

We can’t not know

It’s too late.

Am I writing everyone off? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. If there’s a path back, it’s not my place to find it, and I can’t walk it for you.

But I know what you’llstand for. I know what you’ll work for.

I can’t not know it.

The test is over.

it’s too late

To ask all of us who know what we know to act like we don’t know it is to ask us to participate in the same grotesque game that got us here.

We’re not going to join you where are you are for the sake of mutual comfort.

It’s just too damn late.

We have places of our own to go.

This isn’t a call to shut people out of your life, though that may be necessary.

Not a call to fight or shame or condemn, though that may be necessary.

It’s just a simple statement: we know what we know now. We can’t not know it.

It’s done. It’s over.

There’s no going back.

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