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Gary Harris cuts for the 3-POINT PLAY!

#MileHighBasketball 110
#RipCity 104

1:03 to play on #NBAonABC


Nikola Jokic notches his 4th triple-double of the #NBAPlayoffs with 21 PTS, 12 REB, 11 AST!

#MileHighBasketball 110
#RipCity 107

26.6 remaining on @NBAonTNT

The Joker showcases his vision to secure the triple-double!

#MileHighBasketball 110
#RipCity 108

20.3 left on @NBAonTNT

Timeout on the floor in Portland.

#MileHighBasketball 112
#RipCity 110

7.7 to go on @NBAonTNT. DEN ball.

CJ McCollum hits the jumper...Jamal Murray will shoot two at the line.

#MileHighBasketball 114
#RipCity 112

3.4 remaining on @NBAonTNT

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