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As a doctor I will say this:

Vaccines save lives.

"Herd" immunity protects all of us. Including children.

Measles can be fatal, and killed millions before vaccines.

Katie does not care about your children.

Reckless, selfish and irresponsible.

Let me explain them simply to everyone, feel free to retweet.

1) Vaccines are formed of a weak or dead form of a virus. They carry negligible risk of infection.

2) Some vaccines use a mercury derivative in non toxic doses as a preservative. Many studies support this

3) The inert/dead form helps the body to build memory defences for future encounters with wild type illness, killing it quickly before it can cause damage or spread. This is what basically removed measles.

4) Some people with compromised immune systems or other conditions cannot get vaccines. By removing the threat of spread, their lives are protected too.

5) Current large scale data does not link vaccines with autism. The troublesome paper that did was found to be unsound, unethical, incorrect and possibly financially motivated.

6) Vaccinating saves lives, not just yours, but your children and the children of others.

7) People don't want to vaccinate because they are lied to. They wish to protect their children. But when the vast majority of medics are telling you something, and KT Hopkins something else, its clear what is sensible

8) Mandatory vaccinations are an ethical dilemma. To me, parents who choose to put their children's lives at risk by death of a preventable disease need to seriously consider their choice.

9) Society relies on compromise. Without vaccination, public health initiatives, medicine and law we would all live shorter lives. If you want to rebel, then prevent climate change, not your child's safety.

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