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Gutted to find out that the wonderful @Jsoosty, who is mum to a lesbian daughter and friend to many lesbian women, has been permanently banned from twitter for standing up for us. Meanwhile, countless accounts advocating violence against women remain active.

Juliet was banned from twitter for a non-violent tweet. But people making ‘jokes’ about raping women, ripping out women’s spines, shooting women, and setting women on fire are all still here? At times I think this site and this world both hate women.

It’s ridiculous that men are free to use this website to threaten, abuse and harass women with impunity, whereas women are banned for voicing opinions that do not cause or direct harm towards anyone.

There are a lot of self-proclaimed feminists who ignore the systematic threats of violence and abuse directed towards women who are vocal about differentiating between sex and gender. I suspect because they’re afraid of receiving it too. But it’s disappointing.

I don’t see how it’s possible to consider yourself a feminist while believing that any group of women is deserving of violence.

To be perfectly honest, I think that the people who will be considered ‘on the wrong side of history’ are those who remained silent about regular and routine threats of violence against women. Misogyny is never a great look.

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