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Thank you, @Elaijuh - Why won’t you report that this is a #BarcodeVoting system that Pennsylvania’s highly touted “Blue Ribbon” election security commission recommended against? We’ve discussed before & still nothing...1/

2/ I believe I’ve sent you the Blue Ribbon Commission report before, but here it is again w/ a screenshot about barcode voting. Thank you. @PAAuditorGen @RebeccaRhynhart @ChrisDeluzio @PittCyber


3/ The National Academies also recommends against systems, such as the ExpressVote XL (chosen by @PhillyVotes) that “print only selections with abbreviated names/descriptions of the contests,” calling them “virtually unusable for verifying voter intent.” 

4/ @VerifiedVoting also recommends against ballot marking devices as a primary voting system, noting the “pervasive security vulnerabilities of all electronic voting systems, including Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs)...”. 

5/ And here is a recent report by three very well known & highly regarded election cybersecurity experts explaining that “Ballot Marking Devices [like the ExpressVote XL] cannot assure the will of the voters.” 

6/ It also seems relevant that ES&S has donated $30K to help elect Republicans. 

7/ And that ES&S has already installed remote access software in election management systems in 300 jurisdictions it refuses to identify. 

8/ And that one or more of those jurisdictions (counties) is in Pennsylvania. 

9/ And that the ES&S ExpressVote XL, chosen by @PhillyVotes, is also a “Hybrid” voting system, which experts warn can be hacked to add fake votes to machine-marked paper ballots after they are cast. 

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