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Then impeach his ass, too.  https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/06/politics/tax-returns-trump-congress-showdown/index.html 


A. Always
B. Be
I. Impeaching

Always be impeaching. ALWAYS be impeaching. PUT. THAT. COFFEE. DOWN.

Find him in contempt of Congress. Throw his ass in prison.

Then do it to Barr.

Then do it to the next one.

Impeach them from behind bars.

Democratic Senators filibuster every appointment.

Either we have a Congress or we don't.

Congress has no job right now other than impeaching and investigating and throwing these assholes out of office and/or into prison.

And this too.

Exactly. The result of telegraphing to criminals that you have no desire to stop them is that they'll act as if there is no stopping them.

There need to be swift harsh penalties for defying Congress. Immediate. Make them afraid, as they should be.

And this.

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