Twitter. Please meet May Kiffmeyer. @marykiff. Mary is the former Minnesota SOS & Current Senator that is preventing Minnesota from receiving their Federal Cyber Security funds to safeguard their Elections. Mary thinks Hacking is no big deal

Mary must have missed the Mueller report that told of how Manafort shared her Stares Polling Data with Russia. Seems like any SOS worthy of their position would have a different feeling about Securing their Elections.
But Mary has a little history regarding Elections.

Mary used scare tactics to keep turnout low.
Check this out.

Oh but there is more. Mary is a busy lady.
In this article she is going after the voting rights of the disabled.

A little highlight from the article.
Blanket Statements like this are Suppression. Many disabled people are perfectly able to make a proper decision and place a Vote.

Oh but Mary isn’t done yet. In 2006 Mary was Voted out of office but Mary managed to stay busy. Mary joined an organization called Minnesota Majority. A group engaging in “Culture War Rhetoric”. The decry Taxes, Abortion, GLBT Rights and more.

They said Sweden has a lower infant mortality rate and Japan has a longer life expectancy because they are “Racially Pure”.
They then started a new project.  http://Globalclimatescam.com  where they claim that Global Warming can’t be happening because they had a cold winter this year.

Let’s take a look at her resume.
1. Denying replacement of Absentee Ballots. Overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court
2. Attempting to remove the Independence Party from the Ballot.
Overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court.
3. Posting Terrorist Warning Signs at the Polls.

And Mary has the best Twitter friends.

The Nuclear Option?

This is Mary. How Minnesota re-elected her is beyond me. We are far from done. If you have the time to tell Mary what you think of her blocking the Cyber Security Funding for her state just reach out to her at @marykiff

I’m sure she would love to hear from all of us.

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